June 08, 2009

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Stefanie's Favorite Books

  • Francine Rivers: "Redeeming Love"
    This novel is based on the Old Testament story of Hosea and Gomer. As you read through the pages, God's grace and mercy are so completely evident. Not only in the lives of the characters, but you can begin to see it in your own life. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. I had difficulty putting it down when I picked up to read. You will not be dissappointed ~ trust me! (*****)
  • Beth Moore: "Get Out of That Pit"
    Have you ever found yourself at the bottom? Ever felt like you were in a pit and you couldn't for the life of you find your way out? If you are like me, I do not want to be a "pit dweller". Beth Moore's book will provide you with such hope that you will find it difficult to put down once you start. She systematically guides you through how to allow God, through His word, pull you out of the pit and set your feet back on solid ground! This is a must read! (*****)
  • Carol Umberger: The Scottish Crown Series
    Carol's series is set in 13th century Scotland. The characters draw you in immediately and the storyline unfoldeds beautifully. Here are a few descriptions of the books by Carol, herself... Circle of Honor "The truth shall set you free" seems highly unlikely for noblewoman Gwenyth Comyn. Held captive and stripped of her lands and title, she could falsely accuse Adam Mackintosh of assault—thereby gaining her freedom. But she's discovered she loves him! A riveting story of betrayal and intrigue on the medieval Scottish Highlands. The Price of Freedom They have been cast together by forces beyond their control. Forces that neither of them are sure they can trust. Though he is the kingdom's fiercest fighter, the atrocities he's witnessed in Scotland's struggle for independence has shaken his faith. She is a spirited noblewoman who has lost her protector and whose fervent prayers have gone unanswered, yet who cannot ignore the warrior in her way. Is this God's provision for her or another test to endure? As their country prepares for its ultimate battle, the countess and the war-scarred knight forge a common ground, and hope stirs within them both. He will find healing for his wounded faith. She will discover that God's mysterious ways can be trusted. And together they will learn that some things in life require a price worth paying. The Mark of Salvation Yesterday she was an English earl's wife, eagerly anticipating a glorious victory over the upstart Scots and a new home on a Scottish estate. Today she's a widow, hostage of the Scottish king, watched over by the most unusual and reluctant of guardians. For years he was a warrior monk who fought for his beloved church. Today he's simply a weary warrior with a haunted past and a price on his head. And he has no clue how to care for the group of female hostages entrusted to him after battle-especially the sad-eyed widow with the golden braid. The two of them weave an unlikely friendship and an even unlikelier love. She returns to England to protect a family inheritance. He stays to wrestle the demons of his past. But when danger looms, he'll have to face his deepest fears to come to her aid. Even more difficult is living with the hope she has sparked in him after a lifetime of bitterness. After years of failure and faithlessness...could he still bear THE MARK OF SALVATION? The Promise of Peace In this fourth and final book in The Scottish Crown Series, there is hope at last for real peace between Scotland and England, It has been six uneasy years since the Scots’ victory at Stirling. Many warriors have returned to their families and their lands. But they remain vigilant, ready to ride to battle for their king, Robert the Bruce. Young Keifer McNab has been sent away to live with a foster family until he is old enough to assume his position as “laird of the clan.” Though the daughter of Keifer’s new family will go to great lengths to assure him of her love and friendship, he is bitter. Bitter at not having a father to guide and train him. Bitter at having to accept a hard lot in life. Keifer is tested further when he is betrayed by someone he trusts and grievously wounded. He will need steady faith and unconditional love to convince him that something better awaits. Will hope come to him in time? Will THE PROMISE OF PEACE ever be more than a dream for himself and his country? (*****)
  • Anne Ortland: "Children are Wet Cement"
    What we say and how we say it leaves a lasting impression on the hearts and lives of our children. In this book, Anne Ortland drives home how influencial, be it positive or negative, we are in our children's lives and that we need to take our role and influence seriously. This is a must read for any parent. (*****)
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